Bridge Inspection Engineers Are Superheroes

After talking to many Bridge Inspection Engineers, we were stunned by their diversity of skills and talents, that go far beyond the engineering world. To me, they are the closest thing to superheroes. They climb bridges like Spiderman, endure heat & cold like Superman, use the latest gadgets & technologies like Batman to ensure the public safety.

Our question was - where do you find these people and then how do you train them?

To answers these questions, Loren Dickens P.E., Project Manager at HNTB was here to save the day. Loren has more than 12 years of experience in the industry and before joining HNTB he was the Bridge Inspection Group Manager at Alfred Benesch. He explained that bridge inspections are what he was meant to do. Loren grew up playing in creeks and climbing trees and now gets paid to play in creeks and climb bridges! In addition to being a certified bridge inspection team leader, he also is SPRAT certified for rope access methods and a FAA-certified drone pilot.

What do you look for in a candidate?

According to Loren a Bridge Inspection Engineer should have some the following traits:

  • First and foremost-Attitude of safety-For the public, for co-workers, for themselves

  • Solid understanding of bridge mechanics

  • Open mind to new technologies