How to Incorporate Drawings in Your Report

While incorporating drawings into your reports might seem like an intimidating task, they can provide valuable information that can’t easily be conveyed in words.

Below you can see an example of how drawings can better convey the location of a defect:

Method 1: Narrative

Method 2: Drawing

The drawing makes it easier to locate the problem as it shows where it is with respect to the whole bridge structure and provides measurement information to further narrow down its location.

We will demonstrate how you can create these types of drawings in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Identify your Bridge Type 

Identify the type of bridge you are inspecting and try to find a sketch of similar type that would help you get inspired in your drawing. To do so you can either check with your client to see if they have sketches, do an online research, or use the sketches that we are providing below. 

Step 2: Sketch It

Once you identify the type of bridge and find your sketch you can start drawing it using PowerPoint or Paint. In the example below we used PowerPoint to create our sketch using the various drawing shapes from the “Insert” à “Shapes” drop down menu.

Step 3: Customize It

Some important tips to keep in mind

  • Always save your drawing in a format that can be opened on a mobile device so you can use it on the field on your tablet or mobile phone.

  • Extensions such as JPG & PNG will open on your tablet and can be edited if you have the right tools or app.

  • You can annotate your drawing by using tools such as PDF Expert. To do so simply copy your sketch to Microsoft word then save the file as PDF. Once this is done open your file on your tablet using the PDF expert app and you will be able to annotate in real-time.

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