How to Stay on Top of Bridge Inspection Deadlines

As a bridge inspection team leader one of your most important tasks is to ensure that your inspections are completed on time. With thousands of inspections to be conducted yearly in an industry still relying on pen and paper, how can you make sure of that? In this blog we will discuss a 3-step process that you can start right away to track your inspections and ensure timely report delivery.

Step 1 – Create a spreadsheet of Your Inspections

For this step you will need to create a spreadsheet of all your upcoming inspections. Make sure to include “Due Date” column to determine the inspection’s due date and “Inspection Status” column to determine the progress of the inspections (i.e. completed, in progress, etc.) An example is shown below:

Step 2 – Highlight Your Deadlines

To better visualize the inspections that are due shortly you can use color coding according to the following rules:

  • Highlight in red if the inspection is due 3 days or less

  • Highlight in orange if the inspection is due in less than 7 days

To do so click on “Conditional Formatting” --> “New Rule” --> Choose the “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” from the “Select a rule type” menu and write the following formula AND(D8<>””, AND(D8>TODAY(), D8<=TODAY()+3) with D8 being the cell that contains your “Date” data. Then click the “Format” button and choose the color red. We show an example below:

Repeat the same process for the inspections that are due in less than 7 days however create a new rule with the formula being AND(D2<>””, AND(D2>TODAY(), D2>TODAY()+3, D2<TODAY()+7) and the color format orange. You should end up with something similar to the example shown below:

Step 3 – Sort By “Status”

Finally sort your inspections by “Status” so you see clearly on top of your sheet the inspections that are still in progress and are due soon.

In the example above we can directly know that we have 3 inspections due in 3 days or less and another one due in less than 7 days that are still in progress and need your immediate attention.

We hope this would help you track of your inspections in a more efficient way to ensure that you are always delivering on time and your clients are satisfied.

Stay On top Of Your Inspection Deadlines With Data Recon

If you want this feature and many more without going through spreadsheet setup times and their limitations check out our bridge inspection software Data Recon.

Data Recon, enables you to schedule your inspections and assign inspectors using easy to use drop down menus. It also gives you a complete view of your inspectors’ activity and workload, so you know who’s immediately available and ready to be assigned to work.


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