Data Recon - Bridge Inspection Software.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

How it all started?

It all started when an engineering company won a bridge inspection bid that required the use of a software for bridge data collection, reporting and management.

Like any engineering company, this company wanted to ensure their client's needs were met and therefore began their hunt for an adequate software. Luckily, we crossed paths.

We started building out the features with them one-on-one and training the engineers on how to use the software.


How it expanded?

What started as a project for an engineering company, became a vital tool in their daily operations to save time and money. With feedback such as “you guys walk on water” and “we don’t want to venture thinking about what we would do without your tool”, we were sure that what we built can help other engineering companies as well. At this point the project became a product and a very exciting one that was called Data Recon.

What is Data Recon?

Very briefly, it’s a software that enables bridge inspectors to automate report generation, data archiving and management by digitizing data collection. Data Recon is composed of a field app to electronically capture defects and an online portal to generate report, store & analyze huge volumes of data. We captured over 12,000 images in a matter of weeks, reduced the reporting time by 80%, reduced the inspection cost by 40% for our clients and enable them to inspect twice the number of bridges in a day.

Who benefits the most from Data Recon?

Data Recon is for any engineering firm that manages a high volume (100+) of inspections and a large amount of imagery. Unless you enjoy manual reporting and data management work, Data Recon can help you handle that.

Who works on it?

Data Recon is part of the B3Bar group of companies who have operated multiple software products in various markets such as Oil & Gas, Transportation, Utilities, Energy and many more. The skillset of the people who are involved in this product is very diversified meaning that everything built into Data Recon is looked at from different angles. That’s why I am very happy to be part of such a team. I am Charlie and I work as Business Developer for Data Recon. That’s all I do day and night.

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