Complete your next inspection report at 75% less cost

Bridge, Tunnel & Hydro Dam Inspection Companies spend on average $300K/year on manual reporting. Data Recon helps them digitize this process to deliver reports & insights 5x faster & at 75% less cost.

How much can your company save by using Data Recon to streamline your inspection process? Check out our Savings Calculator to find out.

Project Creation & Team Assignment

Create your inspection projects and assign them to your team

Electronic Data Collection

Capture your pictures & notes electronically from customizable drop down menus

Automated Reporting

Automate your report generation including complex computations such as Element Level, SGR, Health Index, etc.

Instant Data Retrieval

All reports are securely archived for instant querying and retrieval

Defect Sorting & Filtering

Enable deeper asset understanding with defect sorting by location, priority, and other attributes

Component Health Index Assignment

Monitor your asset health at the component & sub-component levels to better focus repair efforts

Data Security

Role-based permissions and audit logs ensure data privacy and security

Instant Integration

Easily integrate with third party asset management software such as AASHTOWare, BrM and WORK Technologies

Case Study

Alta Vista Solutions reduced costs on bridge inspection reporting by 75% by using Data Recon


Reports Generated


Images Captured


Defects Logged

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